Data Warehousing Services

Data Warehouse is the concept of data extracted from Operational Systems and made available as historical snapshots for ad-hoc queries and scheduled reporting. Characteristics that distinguish data in the data warehouse from data found in the operational environment are that it is: Organized in such as way that relevant data is clustered together for easy access, several copies of the data from various points in time are kept together, and once the data is placed into the data warehouse it is not updated. Rather, the historical snapshots stored in the data warehouse are periodically refreshed with data from the operational databases.


We understand how to design conceptual, logical and physical data models for data warehousing and data mining projects. We can review and re-engineer existing data models to ensure that they provide a scalable model that is optimized for efficiency.


Our proven methodology for data cleansing and building an efficient process helps clients identify the right data sources for integration. Our data quality and profiling services ensure data in the warehouse is accurate, consistent and standardized.

Extract Transform Load (ETL) Development

Establishing efficient, stable and timely ETL process to load a data warehouse is a key aspect to the success of a Data Warehouse implementation. We offer the expertise to handle a robust ETL design and development that will continually add value to the warehouse using industry leading tools.

We provide the necessary knowledge and services to help clients leverage the best ROI from their Data Warehousing implementation. Our works closely with business and IT teams to assist with data warehouse architecture, implementing ETL modules and analyzing data.

We specialize in complete solutions for our client's data warehousing needs. Because we present a total package that includes our expert consulting services, an end-to-end project implementation methodology, a unique data modeling technique, leading industry software products from the top vendors, plus training, you do not have to look anywhere else.

Our Data Warehousing Services Includes:

  • Database management and performance tuning
  • Data modeling, data extraction, transformation and loading
  • Data Merging, Migration and implementation
  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) and DTS (Data Transformation Services)
  • ETL architecture and development
  • Development, Testing, and Deployment

We understand that the primary concept of data warehousing is separating of data required for business analysis from operational data and storing it for quick retrieval for effective assessment. We ensure that the data warehousing data is independent of transaction processing system data and that access is provide to only authorized person who need to query and report, enabling safety and security of both databases.

Our expertise have extensive vision on project management, Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Database Administration, Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) techniques, Data Auditing, Structured Query Language (SQL)