Data Management Services

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Database Services

High performance, availability and security of the database environment are central to any business. At the core of almost every application in a company lies a database. Databases provide the underlying support for various customers across different industry verticals.

Database Services

We are there to support in every stage of your project, from architecture and design to administration and monitoring. And we're available 24x7x365-ready to help you with any Oracle or MS SQL and MySQL Server database running on dedicated hardware.

Database Administration & Support:

Focus on your business

Expertise DBA's are expensive and scarce resource. By relying on DBA Services for your Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server databases, your current team can focus on implementing strategic improvements in Decision Making, while we handle the troubleshooting and maintenance.

Build the right database architecture

Our DBAs will help you although your project cycle, including during the critical early decisions of application architecture-such as business replication, data model, continuity and key query optimization.

Reduce work load on your IT staff

Your business need does not sleep, and neither do we. Our DBA team will take care of your application for 24x7x365, using our toolset of database health monitoring, recovery, replication monitoring, and backups, as well as customized maintenance plans.

Reduce incidents and Improve uptime.

Our services include restore, migration, backup and advanced monitoring of your database in production, with a 5-minute notification time to reduce downtime and incidents that may impact your business.

Expertise DBA’s for your application

DBA Services, you get certified database expertise for everything from architecture and design, to administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting-on any Oracle, MS SQL or MySQL Server running on dedicated hardware.

We welcome projects in short term duration 4 weeks to 1+ year. We have managed many projects from architecture to deployment and support, but are also willing to act as a subcontractor or as a supplement to your existing team. Our primary points of focus are customer satisfaction and quality of output. We will always work within our customers' constraints to achieve their own objective.

Key Features of Remote DBA Solution:

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Database tuning (I O,etc / SGA,disk)
  • Application tuning (SQL)
  • Space management/capacity planning
  • Security administration/maintenance
  • Instance and session management
  • Proactive monitoring using Contemporary Technologies monitoring tools
  • Fast, efficient response to database events
  • Backup and recovery planning
  • Installation, upgrades, migrations and configuration
  • Object creation and management.

Our services can be broadly classified in to the following three categories:

Database Design Services

These comprise the following activities:

  • Design and implementation of Database
  • Upgrade and patch updates
  • Database cross platform and RDBMS migration
  • Cluster implementation
  • Replication setup
  • Standby setup / mirroring
  • Database capacity planning
  • Backup design and implementation
  • Archival and purging strategy
  • Disaster recovery design and implementation

Database Business flow Services

We provide you Business- Continuity operations in development, test and production environments.These include the following:

  • Request / incident handling and break fixes
  • Authorization and security administration
  • Space and object management
  • Auditing
  • Query and memory tuning
  • Monitoring
  • Backups, restores and refreshes

Database Optimization Services

  • Virtualization
  • Reengineering
  • Consolidation

Advanced administration and monitoring

  • Replication monitoring
  • Advanced restores from backups
  • Disk backup at your request
  • Point-in-Time recovery
  • Customized maintenance plans
  • Modification of data beyond restores
  • Database health monitoring

Cost-effective DBA expertise

  • The average salary of certified DBAs in today's market can easily reach six figures. Plus, the tools and licenses required to manage and monitor databases can cost thousands. More importantly, your staff may already be overburdened with your current workload.
  • With us, you get the DBA expertise you need, when you need it, without the high price tag.
  • SME - 10+ years - 2000 /hr
  • Senior DBA - 5+ years - 1000 /hr
  • Junior DBA - 2+ years - 500 /hr